Dienstag, 14. Juni 2016

Loosing a part of our hearts! - Another road trip from San Francisco to Las Vegas

As often we arrived quite late at the car rental for picking up our home for the next week. To be late, was great this time, since we got an upgrade for our car. Lucky we, we got a bigger one for the same price! Perfect for us, since our plan was to sleep in the car anyway. So we started our ride to the first target Yosemite nationalpark! Dude! If you are planing of doing a road trip through the US, and if you like nature, put that one on your list! What we saw there is just overwhelming. The enormous size of everything and the marvellous landscape is as impressive as the amount of wildlife you see! It's probably one of the most beautiful places we have ever been. We were told not to go there in high season, because like every awsome place, it's packed with people. What a pitty. Unfortunately we didn't see a black bear, even if we idiots forgot a piece of meat on the roof of the car one day before we went to bed. *lol*

After the amazing but quite cold Yosemite (4° cesius at night) we were ready for some heat baby! So what could be better than one of the hottest places on earth? Ahoy Death Valley! It's impressive how the landscape can change during a 4.5 hour ride. We went from cold and rushing green to dry and damn hot desert. Fantastic! The Death Valley also is quite something. Even if we didn't like it as much as Yosemite, it's something you should't miss in your life. The heat and the, on the first look death ground, are just a different experience. If you look closer, you will realize, that there is quite a bit of life going on in that very hostile area. Like the awsome rattle snakes we saw. Amazing! Although, Nadia thinks it's not so nice to meet and almost stand on a venomous rattle snake! Haha

However, after 2 days in the Death Valley we continued our trip to the next target Grand Canyon nationalpark! OMG how incredible is the Grand Canyon? It was just overwhelming how huge and impressive it was. Another nationalpark you schould not miss in your live. Unfortunately, we had only one day there so we couldn't do a long hike into the Grand Canyon, but some walks arround. Another highlight during our world tour!

Sadly, that the week was already over, but VERY excited we drove to Las Vegas! Finally we made it to famous and fabolous Las Vegas!! :-) An adult playground with an amazing spirit. We just loved it and definitively go back one day!

You can say whatever you want about the US, but we lost parts of our hearts to the fascinating landscape and the lovely people.

And the Grand Canyon:

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