Donnerstag, 30. Juni 2016

Welcome to my happy place! - Lago Atitlan

Through Petra we got in contact with José, a very lovely guy, from Guatemala city. Finally, after Monterrico we were able to meet him in Antigua. We had a fun night with him and his friend Joseph. Early in the morning we started our ride to the lake Atitlan. One of the most beautiful places in Guatemala. Like José says: "welcome to my happy place!" Luckily, we could stay with them in a beautiful house directly at the lake. The only way to get there was by taxi boat. What a paradise! The view was just incredible! And that's not all, beside of the beautiful house they have a Temazcal sauna next to the lake. Exactly what we love and definitively miss since we are travelling! So at night we enjoyed the hot sauna and a cold bath in the lake after, like at home.

The next day we went to San Marcos. A cute little hippie village with some hotels, cute restaurants and and a nice place to jump into the lake from about 6 meters. If you wanna go green, that's the place to go for.

Unfortunately, we only had the weekend together, so we already had to say goodbye to our new friends José and Joseph, who had to go back to Guate city. Thank you again guys for the lovely weekend we had a lot of fun!!

Since we all felt in love with this place we decided to go to San Pedro, another village at the lake, for two more days. San Pedro was definitively the right decision such a cute village with nice cafes, delicious restaurants, great street food, lovely people and some nice parties. Finally some electronic music again. :-) Exactly what we were looking for. As always the time with our friend Petra passed by too fast and she already had to go back to Switzerland. Good bye chica and thanks for visiting us, we enjoyed the time with you. 

We on the other hand couldn't say goodbye to San Pedro yet, so we are still here enjoying the lake, learning Spanish, reading and having fun... 

Finally, after two weeks in San Pedro we moved forward to Semuc Champey in Lanquin. As many people told us this must be the most beautiful place in Guatemala. So let's check it out!

View from the house!
San Marcos
San Pedro
San Pedro
San Pedro
Best hot chocolate ever in a cafe in San Pedro!
Our favorit café aka coffee producer.

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