Mittwoch, 29. Juni 2016

It's up to you, New York - New York

After the amazing time in Denver we flew to New York city. The reason why we visited the big apple was definitively the wedding of a very special friend of Nadia. Edwin and Joey's wedding with a beautiful ceremony and an amazing wedding party. Everything was so gorgeous and we had a lot of fun! A night we will always remember. And it was so nice to meet all the people Nadia knows from Akris and of course to see Edwin again! Just a wonderful time.

But this was not all, beside of this special event we also met Nadia's parents again. They were flying over from Switzerland for a 10 day trip. Finally, after 9 months of travelling we were reunited!! What a feeling, just incredible! :-)

We had a great time in NY as well as in Brooklyn where we stayed in an Airbnb apartment. A very lovely apartment with a lot of space and a lovely host. Every day we were on the run for many hours, there is so much to see and to discover in this huge never sleeping city! We did all the tourist bus cruises, did a boat tour to the statue of liberty, visited the Whitney and Guggenheim museum, walked through the central park, went to Chinatown, Little Italy, walked the Brooklyn Bridge and visited the "High Line" in our favorite NY city district "Chelsea". Of course we went to many restaurants and had super delicious food.

After the 10 days we were very exhausted of all the long walks and the long hours in the subway, all the impressions and information. Unfortunately, the time was running very fast and we already had to say goodbye to my parents again! Another sad goodbye but not for so long. We will be reunited in August again, but then in the Caribbean, in Tortola!:-)

Goodbye New York, goodbye USA we had a wonderful time with lovely people and will definitively come again...

High line in Chelsea!
Edwin and Joey's Rehearsal dinner

Edwin and Joey's wedding :-)

Edwin and Joey's wedding
In the beautiful central park

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