Mittwoch, 29. Juni 2016

It's been a while - Denver, Colorado

From Sin City we had a direct flight to Denver, where Philippe's cousin Patrik would already be waiting for us at the airport. That's exactly the reason why we went to Denver. Patrik and his lovely wife Elissa live there, in a charming flat. Philippe: "A great opportunity to meet, since we haven't seen each other for about 17 years! :-o So it was actually the first meeting as men. How lovely that he didn't hesitate one second to invite us to stay at their place. "Thanks again mate!" ;-) We both felt a little strange in the begining since we didn't know what to expect. We figured quickly that we are very much the same (that much, that by the time, Elissa started to say that I am the brother that Patrik never had) and a good time had just begun." It's indeed surprising, how much they have in common. However, Nadia made instant friendship with Elissa and between Patrik and Nadia and Elissa and me was everything great. A relief for all of us, since Elissa thought a bunch of long-haired, dingy, hippie potheads would show up. ;-) Wasn't too bad though sis. *lol*

They took perfect care of us and whenever they had time we went shopping or for a nice happy hour. We cooked together, played games and enjoyed life. There's a nature trail right next to the place where they live and it's great to go for a walk there. We even saw a quite impressive bull snake one day. :-) Another day we went for a nice hike in the wilderness. Denver offers a very scenic landscape. Quite similar to Switzerland with all the mountains and forests. Since Denver is quite high elevated, the reason why the call it "The mile high city", there was quite a bit of snow left above 2500m. And a bit means up to our hips. :-) It felt special, after 9 months of mainly sand, gravel and rainforest, to hike on snow again. Beautiful!

Another highlight was for sure Elissa's birthday on a Sunday. Cake and champagne was the call. Sign us in! A funny day with friends, games and of course cake and champagne. ;-)

As always when you are having a good time, that time flys. It came that these days in Denver where over too quick and it was time for us to head to NYC, where a special wedding was waiting!

We wanna thank you guys again sooooo much for having us and for taking such good care of us. We hope we will meet again soon. Take care our friends.

Trust in me, just in me. Shut your eyes an trust in me.... Tzzz...tzzz... :-)

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  1. Great times my dear friends! See you soon and keep on enjoying life to the fullest. Tschüss! :)