Dienstag, 14. Juni 2016

Up and down - San Francisco

After we finally crossed the border to San Diego, we put out our hitch hiking board and started our try to get a lift to San Francisco. After 2.5 hours we gave up, nobody wanted to take us! :-( However, we booked the next bus and after a never ending 14 hours bus ride we finally made it to Frisco at about 4.30am.

It was cool to explore the city while everybody was sleeping and especially to watch the sea lions at the pier very early in the morning. Of course we also visited the famous Lombard street and the painted ladies. After a delicious bagel we started our walk to the Golden Gate bridge. It was a nice walk next to the ocean. Arriving at the bridge we could't resist we had to walk it. Although, it is only the 13th longest bridge in the world that day it felt like the longest ever. On that day we did already about 80% of the things we wanted to see in this beautiful city. We were damn productive and damn tired when we went to bed at about 4am! :-)

Fresh and revived we started in our second day. Again with a bagel for breakfast, because we just love them! Satisfied we went to Union square to check out the shopping area and visited Chinatown.

On our last day we drove with the ooooldschool cable cars, everbody knows from the TV. We were hanging on the side like in the movies! Good fun!!! Don't miss that for 7$ one way.

The following day we picked up our rental car and started our road trip from San Francisco to Las Vegas! Yeah can't wait!!!

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