Sonntag, 15. Mai 2016

Viva México! - Tijuana

The walk to Tijuana was short and quite an experience. Not crowded at all. Unfortunatelly we didn't have service on the phone so that we were forced to take a taxi. Cost us 15 bucks. So if you ever do that, make sure you have service to order a Uber. Uber would have been 4!

Anyway. After arrival we suddenly forgot about that rip-off, because the AirBnB we booked was just fantastic. A very colorful, charming and cozy hide away with a lot of rooms and international guests. The host, Pepi, is quite a charakter and made our stay perfect. We planned to stay 3 nights, but in the end we ended up staying there for 10. :-) Highly recommendable! The best thing was that we were able to move to the suite after 3 nights, and that was a blast! One of the coolest rooms we ever had. And huge my friend!

To keep a long story short, we enjoyed Tijuana very much and ate a lot of delicious Mexican food. It was sooooo pleasant to be back in a country where you can enjoy a few beers and good food, without spending a shit load of money.

Tijuana! Go there amigo!

After our vacation from vacation ;-) it was time to go back to red, white and blue. This time the border should look a bit different. Now we know why it is the busiest border in the world. Plan some time to cross. We needed 2,5 hours, and that's a good go!

Most ugly border ever? Mexico - USA
Don't you dare to even swim there! ;-

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