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Aaaaaand action!!! - Los Angeles

After our quite comfortable time travel with Quantas / American Airlines we arrived more or less refreshed in L.A. For the first time in the place where all the movie magic happens! :-) Since we had no idea where to stay exactly in L.A. we just booked a cheap room in Downtown. Downtown is always good we thought. It was a bit a pain in the ass to get there from the airport since we had no internet sevice on the phones. After some asking around and several buses and trams, and some walking, we finally got there. Already on our walk (quite a long one, because we got off the tram at the wrong station :-)) to the hotel we started to think, that Downtown may wasn't the right decision. Mainly due to the countless homeless we saw on our way and the recommendations, not to cross a certain street in that area. Hmmm.... However... our hotel luckily or funny, was right on that street. The hotel itself was pretty good, tho. With free basic breakfast, free popcorn and kind of a cinema, PS4 and a Ping Pong table.

After some rest, we started to explore this huge city. The good thing about downtown is the good connection to the metro and bus system, so it was easy and cheap to get around. We first went to Santa Monica which is absolutely great. A very nice pier, nice bars and restaurants and a lot cleaner than the rest we saw. Really worth visiting. Oh oh oh..... by the way! L.A. is just great for their HAPPY HOURS!!! :-) There is always a happy hour to find. With great offers for delicious cocktails and even offs on food!!! We really enjoyed ourselfs. :-) Definitively check out some bars if you ever go there. For sure the Misfit in Santa Monica or the  Cole's Downtown for some old school drinking or the hidden bar behind Cole's. (Just ask your waiter) :-)

Of course we visited the famous walk of fame (holy it's so famous), what was actually more fun then expected and some more of Hollywood Blvd. Funny area with a lot going on.

Another day we walked the again world famous HOLLYWOOD sign!!!! Dude can you belive that!!?!!?? The walk itself isn't really beautiful but the view from the top pays you for your work. It's impressive and a strange feeling, to see this mystic sign and to be so close where a lot of childhood dreams were born.

On our last day we went to some other places including Redondo beach, Hermosa beach (our favorit), and Manhattan beach. A really nice stretch of beaches along the south or south-west coast of L.A. A bit a pain to get there by public transport but really nice if you like wide beaches, nice cafes, and some house watching.

All in all we really liked L.A. Philippe a bit more, maybe because of the countless happy hours! :-) Something we both really missed after insanely high prices for booze in Australia. If you ever go there, do maybe not choose Downtown as residence of stay like we did. As we were told, it has the most homeless of whole US and the crime rate should be high there. However, beside of beeing asked for some change all the time, we only got seriously verbally harassed twice or three times.

Aaaaaand..... cut!

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