Sonntag, 3. April 2016

Back to basics - Melbourne part 2

Arriving in Melbourne we got another sample of the kindness and helpfulness of Australians. We met a guy called Grant at Apollo Campers and when he heard where we needed to go he just offered to drive us there, since he lives quite close. Karma baby! :-) Not enough. When we met him another day he invited us for dinner with him and his wife in his house. Just lovely!

Where we went was actually Essendon. A calm and nice suburb close to Melbourne city. A school friend of Philippe, "I haven't seen for over 15 years", saw on facebook that we are in Australia and offered us to stay with him and his girlfriend. He lives in Melbourne since 2009. It's funny how small our big world sometimes is. :-)

We used the remaining time in Australia to do some more sightseeing, met friends from our first time again, cooked, relaxed and went to the gym nearly every day to get back in shape! ;-)

A very big thank you again to Roman and Krystal, we really enjoyed our time with you guys. And of course big thank you to Grant and Sue. Lovely people you are!

Bye bye Australia, we had an unforgettable time with all the lovely people we met and all the breath-taking things we have seen. I think it says everything if we tell you, that Australia wasn't really on our plan of countries we want to visit on this trip. In the end we stayed till the last day of our 3 month visa. :-)

Excited and tired, we started our 17.5 hour trip from Melbourne to L.A. at 04.30am. It was a looooong day. The funniest thing about this journey was, that our flight was on April 15th at 07.30am and we arrived in L.A. 15th at 07.30! Time travel??? :-)

Good bye!

Goodbye. Picture of Sydney from above.

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