Mittwoch, 4. Mai 2016

Trolley to where...??? - San Diego

While having lunch at the Redondo beach pier, we decided to go to San Diego for a few days than already to San Francisco. Said and done! A 3 hour bus ride later we arrived in San Diego. We booked a hotel in advance, because we found a good offer online. At least that's what we thought. From outside and on the pictures of fucking it looked very nice and we were looking forward to check in. We would be surprised. And not in the good way. That was the second worst hotel we ever stayed on our trip. And we stayed in really shity 5$ rooms sometimes. This crack hole was around 50$ and just crap! Everything was full of grafitti and ultra run down. It smelled like whatever you would call that and the 2 of the 8 shared bathrooms were just disgusting. When we arrived, we wanted to get a rest on our tiny SINGLE BED!!! what was impossible because a black couple went crazy in the floor, sweard and beat the shit out of each other, for about 1 hour. During the night we had "our" own security guide protecting our door. :-)

The security guys were nice guys and they told as, that this good damn hotel is about to close down and that's why it's so fucked up. Thanks for telling us!! There will be a new Hilton hotel in the future! Screwed we were.

After a unpleasant start, we started to discover San Diego and went along the harbor. They have a cute little village right next to the harbor. With stores, bars and restaurants. Really nice. And they have some reaaaally massive boats in the harbor my friend. Impressive! Quickly we chatched up the information that the place to be is the gaslamp area on 5th avenue. A must! So many nice bars and clubs with countless happy hours. It would be one of the most fun bar areas we have ever been, if these dickheads (the governement of California) would't have dicided, that all the bars have to close down at (and here it comes) 2am!!!!!!! Can you belive that!!! They seriously close down when the party normaly starts! We actually knew that from L.A. but forgot about this screwball law and were totally pissed when they all closed down. Why would you build such a nice bar area and that act like it's a kindergarten. What ever! All in all it's a cool place.

Beside the gaslamp area we went to Mission beach wich is a nice place for sunset and some afternoon chillout. We also visited the old town of San Diego, which is really really cool. There we learned a bit more about the Spanish/Mexican past of San Diego and we started to really realize how close we are to Mexico.

Another day we went to the marvellous Balboa park with it's magnificent buildings, the beautiful Japanese friendship garden and a enchanting rose garden. Really worth visiting.

The last day we went to Coronado island. A nice little island right next to San Diego. It's famous for it's Hotel del Coronado, where a lot of stars used to go and some movie scenes were filmed. It's a cool place for some beach time out. Luckily an old timer car meeting was held on the island when we arrived, so there were a lot of nice American muscle cars and classics around. :-)

During our walks through the city we often saw a trolley that said it will go from San Diego to San Ysidro/Tijuana. Tijuana??? So we were asking ourselfs: "Will this trolley drive all the way from here to Tijuana?" Our plan was actually to go to San Francisco after San Diego, but we got to curious for that tram and where it would bring us. So we decided to catch that tram and see where it will take us. We checked on google, that San Ysidro is the American border town to Mexico. And look there.... This proper 2.50$ trolley just dropped us at the Mexican border! :-) Isn't that fantastic! Upon arrival we was a sign that said "pedestrian route to Mexico" and we were like.... Alright let's walk to Tijuana. I mean notorious and legendary Tijuana Mexico. We had to go!

Adios Estados Unidos!

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