Freitag, 14. April 2017

What a thrill! - San Gil

After some rest after Philippe's amazing birthday party we were ready for some relax time outside big cities. So next stop for us was San Gil near Bucaramanga. We heard it must be a nice place to relax and do extreme sports. Nice combo we thought and went. We immediately liked it and do highly recommend a visit there if you like small mountain villages but also like to have some action. We did some paragliding, river rafting and the highest platform bungee jump in Colombia with 70m! :-) It's really fun place with beautiful nature. We met some nice people from Estonia and Chile and had a great time. Ohh... Not to forget. Since it's in the region of Santander, they have fantastic coffee there. If you ever go, try the Loma Verde organic coffee (you'll find it in a coffee bar up at the cool shopping center.) Delicious!



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