Freitag, 14. April 2017

Our one day city - Bogotá

Another long bus ride from San Gil brought us to Colombia's capital Bogotá. The story for Bogotá is a short one. For us Bogotá is a one day city. The weather is most of the time crappy and and it's huge! Since you can't walk the distances, you have to take public transport or Uber. The insane traffic does not really make that a pleasant thing to do. It's loud, stinky and busy. Actually a bit like one of Philippe's favorite cities Bangkok, but with no charme. We didn't like Bogoá to much and were happy to go to another big city a bit further south. Medellín!!! We weren't sure about that, since Bogotà made us wanting to get away from big cities. It would come different. :-)



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