Freitag, 14. April 2017

Family visit 🤗 - Cartagena, Tayrona Park, Palomino

After more than a year travelling around the world, Tom (Philippe's brother) and his girlfriend Sabrina visited us in Colombia. We met them in Cartagena, spend a few days there, visited the castle San Felipe de Barajas, did some sightseeing and just enjoyed beeing together after all. 

The next days we spend at Tayrona Park where the ocean and the Sierra Nevada meets. A beautiful place with nice walks and gorgeous beaches. For us the three day trip was quite a pain since we got lost two times and on the second day were running out of water during an unexpected 5 hour hike to another more abandoned beach. When we finally arrived at the "hostel" exhausted and thirsty like hell, we had to learn that the owner of the hostel doesn't have any water or anything to drink. So he had to go and by some in the next village which was 3 hours away. How lucky we were these days! After 6 hours we finally got a little bit of water (3dl each) and one more small waterbottle for the last day. It was terrible, but we finally made it out of the park the next day after another 3 hour hike. Can you imagine how happy we were finally having unlimited water again! Funny how fast you can get into serious troubles while missing the basic nutritions. Oh we didn't mention how hot and humid it was, which made the situation even worse.

After these days we were definitively ready for some relaxing days at the beach. So we went to Palomino, a cute hippie village right at the ocean. Here we had a great time and really enjoyed ourselves while hanging around at the beach or tubing down the river until we reached the ocean. 

Sabrina and Tom thank you for visiting us in Colombia! We hope after all you enjoyed your vacation with us and we miss you already again!!! Big hug!!



Tayrona Park:





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