Mittwoch, 9. März 2016

Give it some snot!! - Rainbow Beach and Fraser Island

After the gorgeous Whitsundays trip we continued our road trip to the Rainbow Beach from where we went to a three days tour to Fraser Island. The worlds biggest sand island! And if we say big we mean it! Same size as Hong Kong!

The Rainbow Beach town is very small and not too special we think. The beach is nice for relaxing and swimming but beside of that there is not a lot.The reason why everybody is going there is definitively the Fraser Island. Our trip was a three days tour with a 4WD car. Souns like fun? Definitively is mate! :-) We really enjoyed this three days even if it was a litte uncomfortable. That means cooking by yourself in a very busy "kitchen" and sleeping in a tent without proper cushion, but that's part of the experience. It was cool, that we were allowed to camp in a Aboriginal village. It's not self-evident, because Fraser Island was given back to the Aborigines, not many years ago.

We were always groups of 8 people in one car and we were really lucky to have a fantastic group of mainly English mates. A warm hello to you guys. We hope you are doing well. And a warm hello to you Harry! :-)

What we did, was mainly driving from one attraction to the other. Of course on sand roads and sometimes really offroad tracks. It's a lot of fun! Quite bumpy and sometimes quite wet. Be prepared to close your WINDOWS! quickly. :-) Our guide was a strange but very funny guy called Breto. He used to use strange words for everything, like "give it some snot". Will mean: make sure you give enough gas while driving offroad.

Fraser is world famous for it's dingo population. There are around 200 dingoes living on the island. It's a pretty small population for such a big island. Unfortunately, they were hunted by human because some stupid a-holes were bitten or killed by these really cute looking fellows. You should keep in mind, that they are major predators. Luckily we saw some and were able to get close to them. Absolutely no problem if you act the right way.

When we went back to main land, the whole group was really sad. We could have stayed there a few more days. Find out why in the pictures below. Especially Lake McKenzie was absolutely stunning!

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