Samstag, 12. März 2016

Groovy baby - Byron Bay

On the way to Byron Bay we stopped at Surfers Paradise for a few hours to have a quick look. Many people told us this is Miami in Australia with a lot of skyscraper right next to the beach. Even if none of us have ever been to Miami we can image it is similar, quite a vibrant, busy and fancy place. We got quite lucky since they were just helding a nightmarket at the beachroad. So we were browsing through the market and the city center for a while and really liked what we saw. Unfortunately, we couldn't stay there but maybe this is a nice destination for another time.

Arriving in Byron Bay we accidently found this cute beach called "Watego" on the other side of the town. We immediately felt in love with this place and stayed there almost all day, and the next day!;-) In addition to just enjoying the beach we did the lighthouse walk which was very beautiful. The town really invites you to just lay back, calm down and enjoy a few drinks with your mates! Some people told us Byron is funky but we think it's groovy!:-)

Dinner at Watego beach
Dinner at Watego beach
Our first wild living Wallaby :-)

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