Donnerstag, 18. Februar 2016

Road trip from Cairns to Sydney! We are good to go - first stop Daintree Rainforest

After 1.5 hours drive in our new rented van we reached the Daintree Rainforest. The oldest rainforest in the world. Around 150 million years old. Before we crossed the ferry to the rainforest we stopped by the solarwhisper crocodile boat tour. For 25 dollars you can join the boat as many times as you want, always hoping to see some crocodiles. We did two one hour boat cruises in a row and got very lucky, we saw about 4-5 small crocodiles (1 or 2 years old) and one adult crocodile with about 3.5 meters length. Amazing!!! Two days later when we left the rainforest we joined the boat again and spotted another adult crocodile in the middle of the river. But back to the rainforest. Probably the main reason to go there is cape tribulation. The only point in the world where two UNESCO world heritage sites come together. The oldest rainforest in the world the Daintree Rainforest - and a good old friend... The Great Barrier Reef.  Indeed a stunning view. In addition Daintree has many interesting boardwalks to offer, if you are lucky enough like we were you can even see a cassowary! Such majestic birds. If you like nature it is a nice place to camp but be aware of a bit scary neighbours - see picture below! Since we like to be a little bit off the beaten tracks we accidentaly met a guy who is living in the middle of the rainforest in an old closed hotel next to the beach. He is living there totally isolated and is growing his own food and is collecting rainwater. He invited us to a cup of tea (made with rainwater of course) and told us his story. Very interesting encounter. Fortunately, he allowed us to sleep on "his ground" so we were able to camp beachfront. The only thing we should have been alert of was the crocodile, which is living in this area for the moment. Gladly, we didn't meet that croc!
Our not so welcome room mate... :-)

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