Donnerstag, 25. Februar 2016

Need a shower? - Tablelands Queensland

After a few days in the rain forest, we were really looking forward to have a shower. Fotunately should our next target be, the waterfall drive, at the tablelands. Looking forward to that cool and cleaning refreshment we startet our drive to the Tablelands early, after we had a nice breakfast right in front of the sea. :-)

It's interesting to see how the landscape changes in that short drive of only 2 hours. From green green and more green to quite dry and earthy. Scenic drive! The waterfall drive is literally a drive along a few waterfalls. A nice thing to do, since you can swim in the fresh water and cool down a little without the fear of meeting a dangerous animal. ;-) Aaaand the best thing... We could finally "shower" again. Sweet! Watch for some very sweet turtles if you go to Milaa Milaa waterfall one day. You will also find small fish which tenderly eat dead skin of your body. :-) After our spa treatment we headed further south to look for a nice place to camp, which we actually found. A nice camp site called  "Platypus" right next to Lake Tinaroo. Really recommendable. We had a nice dinner with a marvellous sunset and a few cute but naughty ducks as guests.

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