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Diving, party, diving aaaand party - Utila

After a 30 minutes boat ride, a 8 hours bus ride and another 45 minutes boat ride we finally arrived in Utila. An island famous for diving and parties. We were very excited and didn't really know what to expect.

Arriving at the pier we started our search for a good dive center/hostel. Since we met a nice guy from Parrots, which is locally owed, we decided to stay there. The rooms are free if you dive and 5$ if not. So it was not a bad deal, although the rooms and bathroom were very very basic and incredible hot!!!

However, we ended up staying there for 2.5 weeks while Philippe was doing his dive Advanced and the Rescue diver. One step behind the dive Master, which he will complete in another dive center somewhere in South America. Unfortunately, Nadia couldn't dive since she had a barotrauma. Not the best timing to have it, staying on an island where everybody is diving.

Anyway, we enjoyed the company of many nice travellers and we all had an amazing time together!! :-) Beside of that the island has not a lot to offer. It's very small, dirty, streets with way too much traffic, the water is dirty, diving is not spectacular, the food is s**t and a lot of local people are unfriendly. For us not a place to recommend. If you go try Roatan instead, we heard it should be better!

Once Philippe finished his courses we were happy to leave for Puerto Rico. And it seems like Honduras doesn't really want tourists, since we had to pay an incredibly high airport fee of 50$ each, while the price for locals is 2$.

¡Adios Honduras! ¡No vamos a volver!

Neptun beach a short boad ride from Utila
Neptun beach
Neptun beach
Fresh water cave adventure!
Mr. Rescue Diver :-)

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